Riesling- It ain't just a sweet thang!


 Every time I mention this gorgeous grape variety as a proposed wine to enjoy with your spicy Asian dishes, those incredible fusion creations or even as a summer patio sipper – I’m met with a “Oh no, I don’t like sweet wine.”

So this weekend fair wine tasters, Jessica and I are here to set the record straight – Riesling can be dry. I know, I know, we are breaking some of your steadfast wine rules that you set back in the late eighties when you had a bottle of Blue Nun and wrote the entire grape variety off. But that’s what we’re here to do – rip off the safety blanket, step outside your comfort zone and try some Rieslings dammit! Hopefully you’ll open up your palate (hey why not your wine cellar too!) and welcome Riesling in. 

Now some of you may still be questioning the importance of Riesling. Well I’ll have you know, that in my recent final Diploma level Wine and Spirit Educational Trust exams (which I passed bermp bermp!) one of the questions asked: “Riesling ... could claim to be the finest white grape variety in the world” (Oxford Wine Companion) – why might this be the case and explain why is has been unfashionable in some markets. I  know hands down that it’s unfashionable because folks refuse to believe that it can be a dry wine. But it is! The entire German system dedicated to this most noble grape actually classifies the grapes picked based on must weights or ripeness of the grapes.  And ripeness wine lovers if you haven’t figured it out equates to sugar levels. So the riper the grape, the potential is there to be a sweeter wine…oh man I can see your brains really starting to cook as you process this. Because think about it, in Germany, it is a cooler wine region, thus harder for the grapes to ripen, not as much sugars or must weight means that the wines won’t be as sweet. No, no it can’t be true but IT IS! Rieslings can be DRY! 

Okay hopefully I’ve inspired you to come to our warehouse where we’ve got a great array of Rieslings to try from Germany, Oregon and California – still and sparkling. Where we’ll discuss the finer points from Kabinett to Trockenbeerenauslese and just what did I write for my exam answer. Because trust me if you’re not a fan of Riesling now – I’m out to make you one! 

- Karen

September 25, 2015