Battle of the Sirah, Syrah & Shiraz

So here you have it wine lovers the ultimate throw down that you’ve all been waiting for! Syrah matched up against Sirah and Shiraz is packing some palate punches. This isn’t a Mayweather / Pacquiao head to head, glass on glass fight – no we’re talking more like Jon Stewart SummerSlam type match up where you just don’t know who’s going to thrown down some tannins next.

 In the blue corner, weighing in as the world’s fifth most planted red wine grape, reckoned to be one of the noblest and currently most fashionable grapes, please put your stemware together ladies and gentlemen for Syrah!

In the red corner, weighing in as the southern hemisphere favourite, storming from the markets of Australia and South Africa, and it has been unveiled tonight that it is the identical twin grape to Syrah but with a completely different character in the ring, let me hear your Riedels roar for Shiraz!

Wine tasters from around the world, let us not forget that waiting in the wings ready to tap into your glass at any moment when Shiraz or Syrah runs low on their levels, dating back to the 1880s in Californian wine literature, with a strong hold in the enclaves of Sonoma Valley, double down on your decanters to welcome Petite Sirah!

Now put on your imaginary headphones as you hear me announce in my best Michael Buffer voice “Let’s get ready to wine taste!”

- Karen

September 30, 2015