Sophisticated South Americans

If you are looking to take a break from the America's Cup crowds, come taste a few sophisticated South American wines with us at our warehouse! First of all. Let’s dispel any preconceptions that South American equals cheap. Don’t get me wrong, these wines are affordable. Grapes like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc thrive in the high elevation and desert climates, and, are able to produce larger yields. Winemakers can therefore make good quality wine at better prices.

We will commence our tasting with a Chakana Torrontés, which comes from the highest wine-growing elevation in the world, Salta, Argentina. It's mouthwatering acidity will be sure to have you reaching for more. Next, we will be trying a single-vineyard Carménère from Chile. This grape, for the longest while, was believed to be Merlot! However, Twenty-first century DNA testing proved vignerons wrong (and good thing it did!). An indigenous varietal to Bordeaux, Carménère did not survive phylloxera and was taken to Chile by accident, under the guise of Merlot. It was a unconscious mistake that saved Carménère from extinction and is now Chile’s premium grape. Because Carménère has done so well in Chile, other regions in Northern Italy and New Zealand have also taken an interest in growing it. 

After the Carménère, we will be tasting what I believe to be a true gem, the Sottano Reserva Blend from Mendoza, Argentina. This wine is a staple in our warehouse and  in my personal collection because it offers juicy fruits, structure, an elegant richness, a little bit of complexity and is still quite quaffable. This wine is a great option for BBQs, dinner parties and friendly gatherings. 

Ending with a bang, we will be trying what Mendoza does best- Malbec. This is a higher-end Single Vineyard Malbec that showcases what we love about Malbec- big structure and big fruit. 

Karen and I look forward to seeing you at our Warehouse on Saturday and show you why we love South America. Please leave any negative assumptions outside our door.

- Jessica