Christmas Case Part I

Hiddy Ho Ho Ho Wine Lovers – oh yes, if you have been hiding under a wooden wine box you may not have realized that Christmas and all its festivities is less than a month away. So the fine wine-in-a-sleigh-slingers here at Discovery Wines thought, what can we do to help with the madness of cooking, decorating, gift wrapping and everything else that Santa has a few hundred elves to help with. Ah-ha! Why not put together our favourite-all-time-gotta-have-it-for-the-holidays Christmas Case!

So here it is folks and if you’re not convinced then don’t worry because we are going to be cracking open all 12 bottles over the course of the next 3 Saturdays. What’s on the agenda for tomorrow’s tasting? Well what would the holidays be without a bottle of Champers on Elbow Beach? We’ve selected one that has recently been featured in Wine Spectator with a rating of a 90 point score, owned by the same house that features another extremely expensive Champagne that the Tsars of Russia insisted upon drinking, but of course ours is for a fraction of the price – say hello to Deutz.

After that we love to throw down grape varieties or regions that even Rudolph would tip his antlers to with respect for thinking outside the Chard-Sauv-Grigio box. A little Bogle Chenin Blanc is what we recommend to bring along on your winter wonderland walk to your neighbours for their holiday drinks get together. Crisp and refreshing, this fruit basket boasts brilliant flavours of green apple, tropical touches of pineapple and candied lime.

Then it’s onto the reds and you’ll notice that our picks are heavy on those darker, oh so delicious under the mistletoe type varieties. This week we’ve selected the 2010 Chateau de Bellevue Morgon Reserve "Le Clos" – not your Granny’s Gamay this bottle will make you come back for another glass, bottle, box…you know where we’re going with this. It has a firm minerality, thanks chiefly to the granitic soils of the Cru Morgon, and a fruit profile that shades slightly towards orange.

Lastly, a family name that we all know well, but we’re taking it up a level and sneaking into the Single Vineyard section - 2013 Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard. What gives this wine the edge above its little brother is the 14 months that it spends in 100% French barrels. The soft tannins and integrated toasted oak hints are whats making Frosty’s Jingle jangle! Looking forward to popping the cork on these wines with you on Saturday and get your Holiday Happiness started on the right glass!