Oxley Dry Gin 1 Ltr

OXLEY™ - first gin for spirit connoisseurs.

OXLEY is a revolutionary English gin with a fresh, bright, smooth classic gin
taste. Unlike any other spirit, OXLEY is made by the innovative Cold Distillation
process. Cold Distillation occurs at -5C capturing the natural flavours of the
botanicals and preserving them in the final spirit.


OXLEY is not like any other gins and, because of its bright, smooth flavour, it can be enjoyed in a similar way to other full flavoured spirits - straight or over ice in a balloon glass. A balloon glass is suggested to allow the smooth aromas of OXLEY to gather and be enjoyed and fully appreciated before the liquid is tasted.

The fresh taste and aroma of OXLEY can be enjoyed at room temperatures (neat) for those who appreciate the full spirit flavour or over ice.

To accentuate the mix of fresh citrus used to create OXLEY, garnish with a grapefruit zest twist.