Birra Anima- Beer Tasting 6 Pack 330mL

ANASTASIA 4.9% Blond Ale/Saisonal. It is delicate and thirst quenching, intricately simple, no spices, and smooth with a light touch of hops. It has a delicate body and a triumph of enchanting flavors. It is exceptional for every occasion.

CLEOPATRA 5.2% - American Pale Ale. It is slightly amber and characterized by an abundance of hops with an underlying taste of citrus. It has a fascinating, seductive, thirst quenching, and a well balanced closing bitter taste that sweetly fades. It is a universal style for all occasions.

LEONARDO 6.7% Blond Ale - a strong blonde ale, remarkablly complete, characterized by a scent of fruit, delicate body, a generous base of malt, excellent froth, a skilful closing taste of bitter. An allround perfection.

NEWTON 6.7% Amber Ale - a strong amber ale with a refreshing and satisfying beverage. It has a substantial base of malt contrasting with a total smoothness with a precise harmony of hops. It is winning over the palette with consistency and technique, a triumph of art.

MOZART 7% Amber Ale - a strong amber ale with a generous base of malt and fragrant hops combining a perfect balance for the ale. It is light-hearted and elegant with a rounded taste. It's an exceptional ale both for alcohol level and the intricacy of the malt.

Category: Beer

Type: Beer