Chase 12 Days of Festive Spirits Gift Set

Chase have produced this lovely gift for you to enjoy over the 12 days of Christmas or as a gift to a gin lover. Each miniature is sat in its own little draw awaiting to give you a little treat.

12 Beautifully hand made and single estate spirits included:
2x 5cl GB Gin
2x 5cl Potato Vodka
1x 5cl Elegant Gin
1x 5cl Pink Grapefruit Gin
1x 5cl Seville Marmalade Gin
1x 5cl Sloe & Mulberry Gin
1x 5cl Marmalade Vodka
1x 5cl Rhubarb Vodka
1x 5cl Smoked Vodka
1x 5cl Elderflower Liqueur

Category: Gin, Vodka

Type: Gin