Nicholas Joly- Savennières "Coulée de Serrant" 2005 - (Biodynamic)

Chenin gets its complexity only when it is fully ripe – deep yellow. And only healthy, sustainable farming can guarantee this without grey rot.
For this reason, all of the Joly grapes are picked in four or five passes as each parcel begins to raisin and form botrytis – thereby allowing the mineral flavors of Chenin to achieve their fullest intensity.

Once opened, wines made in this way continue to improve – and are in no way oxydized. 

To be sure that the color is not oxydation you can make the test yourself by tasting each day a glass over several days without putting the bottle in the fridge just recork.

You will see the wine improving the first days even sometimes over more than a week.

If the wine would be oxydized it would be undrinkable.

This wine goes well with white meat in sauce, fish with beurre blanc or even simply with a good cheese like goat cheese or Cantal.