Deus Premium Vodka

Deus Premium Vodka

The first Vodka made from wine in Italy! Exclusive vodka made from six step wine distillation. Delightfully smooth, fresh, distinctive character with citrus notes. Full and round palate with velvety texture. The finish leaves a lively tingle. Serve on the rocks or blend into cocktails.  Deus Vodka is distilled in Siena in an environment dedicated and specialized in the production of high-quality spirits.

Nose -  It has a distinctive character, deliciously soft, fresh, with citrus notes that makes easy to drink, with a surprising light alcoholic perception.
Palate -  Full and round on the palate, with a soft consistence.

Finish - Deus Vodka is gluten free and the final product doesn’t contain sulfites.


Category: Vodka

Type: Vodka