Deus Premium Vodka (Distilled from Wine)


The first Vodka made from wine in Italy! Exclusive vodka made from six step wine distillation. Delightfully smooth, fresh, distinctive character with citrus notes. Full and round palate with velvety texture. The finish leaves a lively tingle. Serve on the rocks or blend into cocktails. 

Deus Vodka is distilled in Siena in an environment dedicated and specialized in the production of high-quality spirits.

They carefully select the wine for the production of vodka, carrying six passes through the distillation columns in order to reach 96.6% alc.vol. set and as pure as possible distillate. Adding the distillate with neutral water, previously filtered reverse osmosis and reach the right degree of hardness and a fixed residue, we reach 40% alc.vol. finals. The product carries out subsequently, a step of temperature controlled rest: the result of this process is a clear product and free of impurities but, despite this, we provide two more steps of filtration on active carbon and a third of mechanical filters succeeding to eliminate oils essential or undesirable scents, required to give a delicate flavor, low alcohol and somewhat sweet that characterizes Deus Vodka from the rest of the world production.

Not resulting from the cereal product has no traces of gluten, no sulfites in the starting process.

A superior product to accompany you in your evenings.  





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