Dr. Konstantin Frank 'Salmon Run' Meritage 2016

Dr. Konstantin Frank 'Salmon Run' Meritage 2016

The 2016 Salmon Run Meritage is a blend of classic Bordeaux varieties, which are sourced from varying vineyard locations throughout the Finger Lakes. Each variety is fermented seperately in open fermenters at warm temperatures and the fermenting must undergoes a punchdown and pumpover regime for at least 7 days prior to pressing. The individual ferments selected for the Meritage wine are allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation in stainless steel and then are blended together to make the wine after which it is fined, filtered and bottled.

Nose: Expressive wine with black dominant characters of blackcurrant, plum and cedar.

Palate: The Palate expresses more herbaceous aroma's of green beans and green pepper notes. 

Finish: The blend’s aim is to combine the elegant spiciness of Cabernet Franc with the rich fruit characters of Merlot and this is reflected in the finish.

Category: USA

Type: Red Wine