Grey Goose VX w/ Cognac

Grey Goose VX Vodka

Grey Goose is the famous vodka that’s produced in the Cognac region and it’s proved to be a hit around the globe in clubs, pubs, restaurants and up-market drinking establishment.

Nose - The nose is clearly different from the base Grey Goose Vodka, with soft cognac notes including honey, raisin, milk chocolate, and shortbread cookie. 
Palate - This follows the nose pretty closely with cognac flavors of raisin, milk chocolate, shortbread cookie, iris, dried apricot, and white grape. It’s a nice grouping of flavors and they are presented well and solidly integrated.
Finish - The finish for Grey Goose VX is the most vodka-like part of the taste experience and most representative of the traditional Grey Goose Vodka, with light wheat notes tapering to a dry finish.

Category: Vodka

Type: Vodka