Penfolds Bin 98 'Quantum' Cabernet(California)/Shiraz(Australia)

Penfolds Quantum Bin 98 is the continuation of a twenty-year endeavor from when Australian vine cuttings were planted in Californian soil. A Wine of the World that encapsulates a bold blending alliance, Quantum reveals a wine that shows wisdom, crafted with conviction but also embedded in the “quality-first” philosophy that underpins Penfolds flagships. The wine serves as the most powerful expression of our blending style and leads the charge in Penfolds ambition to seek out parcels of intense flavor, structural tannins and equal parts grace and complexity. Northern and southern hemispheres bring prized cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley and pedigreed shiraz from South Australia, respectively, into each other’s realm. Not adhering to expectations and de rigueur.


The aromatic building blocks are clear; rich malt, bone marrow and a ripe berried core.
A complex dark-berried spectrum commands immediate focus and with further attention blackberry, blueberry and boysenberry can be teased out.

Over time and with energetic swirls, the berries fuse with sugared pastry and cinnamon/apple bakes.
“Piquant punches” season the aromatic profile – mild horseradish cream and Dijon mustard.

Familiar markers can be identified, a formic stamp and a VA bounce, yet the northern hemisphere narrative requires sensory re-orientation.


A blue-berried wash and glistening film covers the palate with conviction.
Viscous/marbled texture combines with suppleness and acid succulence.

Respectful acidity tightens the palate, clenching/ compressing around a core of graphite and hazelnut:

Graphite confirms varietal and identity.

Hazelnut confirms oak maturation.
A plush texture which cushions the palate. Exotic intrigue. Sweetness that dials up over time with air. All boxes ticked.


Deep red, magenta brightness at the rim.