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Talbott Vineyards 'Kali Hart' Chardonnay 2016

Talbott Vineyards 'Kali Hart' Chardonnay 2016

The Kali Hart Chardonnay is the most fruit-forward in our portfolio. Grown in cool climates, Kali Hart is an exceptionally refreshing Chardonnay. Notes of ripe stone fruit and juicy tropical notes meet aromas of Madagascar vanilla for a bright mouthfeel straight through to the finish.

Nose: On the nose, there is lots of oak and buttered popcorn with a hint of lemon.

Palate: Medium to full bodied with light acidity and a rich and creamy mouthfeel. The flavor profile displays lots of butterscotch with notes of honey crisp apple and light minerality mixed in.

Finish: This Chardonnay has a soft, clean finish with a hint of minerality and hard spice notes.

Food Pairing: We would suggest pairing this Chardonnay with asparagus risotto with a squeeze of lemon.