The Farm Winery - Touchy-Feely 2010

Wine Region

Paso Robles

Grape Varietal

80% Grenache and 20% Syrah

Touchy-Feely is about sensations.  Touchy-Feely is graceful and dances with joy.  It’s a wine lighter than air; it elevates.  At the same time, it’s a wine that has an extraordinary length both in palate and in the nose.  As all good memories, Touchy-Feely endures. 

Touchy-Feely is entirely Rhône.  Its Grenache side gives it femininity, elegance.  Its minor Rhône brother adds a tad of weight, just enough to keep it grounded, of body & structure. 

Touchy-Feely is a different Rhône, our take of dancing in summer.  Its colors are almost claret.  It’s a wine that works at an angle, in a different realm, a different dimension.  It’s a wine which requires choices.  It does not allow indifference.  It is non-commercial and follows no beaten path.  It is what some vineyards achieve when they dare to be themselves.

Category: USA

Type: Red Wine