What's In My Glass

This week Simon is drinking the Jim Barry ‘Lavender Hill’ Sweet Riesling 2020. Inspired by the wild Lavender that surrounds the Jim Barry vineyards, this Riesling has just right amount of sweetness. In wine terminology this level of sweetness “off-dry” which means it is not as sweet as some German Rieslings but it’s not dry. 

Now only $19.40 for the next two weeks, pick up a bottle from either store and online. 

Our Favorite Right Now

Auvige Macon Solutre 2018

Long-established winemakers of the Maconnais region the Auvigue family own several exceptional vineyards around the famous rock of Solutré. This is the pure expression of Chardonnay because of the pale gold with green tints. Soft ripe fruits and floral, embracing a mineral touch with white flowers, and a good length in the mouth. 

Food Pairing:

Smoked Salmon Fillet

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Tips For Making an Epic Cheese Board!

The truth is everyone likes their cheese a little different. Some like it savory, some like it sweet, and some like a combination of both.

Cheese. We suggest choosing 4 different types of cheese: aged, firm, soft and blue. Meat. Layer in two or three types of charcuterie — we suggest hard salami, prosciutto, and dry-cured chorizo. Fresh Fruit, Olives and Nuts. For the fall season we suggest figs and walnuts.  Adds a pop of color! Condiments are key. For example, honey. It pairs well with so many different cheeses—especially goat cheese! And finally, bread sticks and crackers. Grab a few different shapes, flavors and sizes to give the board some personality.

Place the cheeses down first and then throw everything else around them. Things can hang off the board, they can be tucked into each other, add some of the fresh fruit when you need a colorful moment, and Voila!

Wines To Pair