The Lost Distillery - Auchnagie 'Classic' Whisky

The Lost Distillery - Auchnagie 'Classic' Whisky

A blended malt from The Lost Distillery Company, made to represent what the whisky from the long-closed Auchnagie distillery could have tasted like. Auchnagie produced whisky for just short of 100 years in Perthshire, from 1812 to 1911, and was dismantled the year after. After researching all they could about the workings of Auchnagie, The Lost Distillery Company created this expression to show us how the whisky might have tasted.

Nose: Digestive biscuit, banana and thick waves of honey.

Palate: Sponge cake (with yet more honey), rice pudding, dried apricot.

Finish: A subtle lick of baking spice appears on the finish.