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Bermuda Gin Company 'Pink House' Gin


PINK HOUSE is the first gin made by Bermuda Gin Company, introduced in November 2019, and it is a tribute to Bermuda’s famous pastel pink cottages. It’s a handcrafted, small batch, premium distilled ‘pink’ gin. The taste profile is refreshing and bold and combines the required juniper berries and many traditional gin botanicals with the exciting addition of hibiscus, blood orange, rose petal, lemongrass and mint.  With these distinctive floral, citrus and earthy tones, Pink House is a versatile aromatic gin to be enjoyed as a Bermuda gin and tonic (BG+T), in a creative cocktail or sipped over ice!

Image by Dušan Smetana


Image by Mick Haupt
Image by Rinck Content Studio

Blood Orange

40% ALC./VOL | 750ML