Chase Vodka - 700ml

Chase Distillery was founded by William Chase, who you may know as the creator of best-selling upmarket crisps brand Tyrrells. Chase was the son of potato farmers who lived near the Herefordshire town of Leominster and he bought the family farm from his dad when he was just 20. He experienced mixed success until 2002 when he found out that US crisp-maker Kettle would buy the potatoes supermarkets rejected on the grounds they weren't cosmetically perfect and use them to create what was marketed as ‘posh crisps’.

Nose - Aromatic. Peppercorns, creamy vanilla, nectarines in yoghurt and red berry fruits.

Palate - Creamy turning clean. Black pepper, waxy oiliness and macadamia nuts.

Finish - A long, bittersweet finish with aniseed and toasted oak on the tail.