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Château La Clémence 2006

Chateau La Clemence - new ground in the realm of family Doryak. His vineyard - quite small, consists of six sections and occupies 2.8 hectares of land. Christian bought Château La Clemens in 1996. Shair wine produced in a limited amount which is from 500 to 600 cases a year. Chateau La Clemens already has a pretty big name, and the quality of its wines has repeatedly been recognized by leading experts and professionals in the world of wine. 

Grape Varietals: 70% Merlot 30% Cabernet Franc

Wine Region: Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

Tasting Notes: The wine has a rich flavor, which harmoniously interwoven notes of red fruits, vanilla and toasted bread crust. Taste wine rich, round, with a smooth, silky texture, complex tannins and a long, fruity finish. 

Food Pairing: Red meat, game, cheeses