Chehalem "Corral Creek" Pinot Noir

Founder, Harry Peterson-Nedry, pioneered grape growing in the prestigious soils of Ribbon Ridge in the early 1980s when he purchased land and planted Ridgecrest Vineyards. In 1990, Chehalem Winery was founded and released its first bottle of wine, Ridgecrest Pinot Noir. Bill Stoller joined Harry in the winery operation in 1993 and subsequently planted a vineyard on his family farmlands at the southern tip of the Dundee Hills. Chehalem purchased Corral Creek, the vineyard surrounding the winery, in 1995. 

Fresh strawberries, chocolate cherries and fresh earth.

Palate: Bright, lively acid on the tongue and silky, breezy tannins through the finish.

Finish: Great balance and clean on the palate.