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The Lost Distillery - Gerston 'Archivist' Whisky

The Lost Distillery - Gerston 'Archivist' Whisky

This is the Archivist's Selection Gerston blended malt from The Lost Distillery Company, made following plenty of research to show how Gerston's whisky could have tasted. The distillery was closed long, long ago, and these blenders/historians are offering us an interesting chance to see the style of whisky it might have made.

Nose : The nose begins with delicate smoke and malted bread. Dried fruits and treacle toffee also appear.

Palate : The palate is rich and sweet. It has a creamy mouth feel, with lots more toffee and fruit flavours.

Finish It has a little hint of sea salt and brine, adding a nice tang against the sweet flavours.  The finish is bold and lingers on salt and spicy caramel.