Helix Vodka

Helix is crafted by blending, for the first time ever, French Spirits, derived from the golden wheat fields of Champagne, with the world’s finest water from Iceland to create an Ultra Premium Vodka. It’s this unique DNA that was the inspiration behind the name Helix, which is the name of the shapes in a DNA thread.

In the process of making this unique spirit the importance of environmental sustainability was not overlooked; our facility utilizes everything in the production cycle including the wheat stems to eliminate the majority of waste and save energy.

The premium spirit is then shipped to Iceland to our facility where it goes through multiple filtration process where it is blended with water

Nose - Beautifully soft aromas of white flowers, chamomile, lemon, cucumber rind, fresh grass

Palate - Palate is bolder with pink and black peppercorns, fresh flower petals, lemon rind, dried coriander, rosemary, grapefruit, fresh soil.

Finish - The finish is long with further flavours dried hay, wheat, even some slight notes of juniper berries.