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J. Bouchon 'Granito' Cabernet & Carménère 2018

Granito is a micro-terroir in a granitic soil of more than 120 million years old. They are old vines with deep roots. Is minerality expressed in the bottle. A balance marked by the acidity and lenght. It is Maule’s Dry land area, past and present of our wine-growing heritage. Granito is Bouchon at its best.

Grape Varietals: 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Carménère

Wine Region: Maule, Chile

Tasting Notes: Intense bright red colour. It presents red fruit, pepper and graphite aromas. In the mouth it is a direct wine, where verticality and granular tannin stand out. An elegant wine, with grat acidity and long persistent end.

Food Pairing: Enjoy by itself or with red lean and white meat accompanied by champignon, cheese or herbs sauce. A further consumption is a convination with venision, wild boar and hare.