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Bodega Otazu Vitral 2007

Bodega Otazu is located in an enviable natural enclave: Just 8 kilometers from Pamplona and 390 meters above sea level. Bodega Otazu is part of the Pamplona basin (Navarra). The vineyard is framed by the Perdón and Sarbil mountain ranges, and the Arga river as the natural boundary of the property.

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Region: Navarra, Spain

Tasting Notes: Elegant, dominated by black fruit concentrated, intense minerality, balsamic notes and wood well integrated. A wine of enormous complexity. Structured but tannins very fine. Highlights its freshness, balance and long finish.

Food Pairing: Serve with grilled or roasted red meat, lamb, and strong cheese.