Penfolds California Bin 149

Penfolds Bin 149 Cabernet Sauvignon seeks out northern hemisphere excellence via meticulous vineyard and block selection, reinforced by flagship-worthy South Australian cabernet sauvignon. The result is distinctive, and of distinction. House Style is in the building blocks of Bin 149, a name derived from the percentage of South Australian cabernet sauvignon synergistically woven into the blend. Napa Valley regional sourcing seeks to showcase strong tannic foundations, dark fruit intensity but with the added dimension of a unique “worldly” disposition. Matured in French and American oak, this release highlights Penfolds commitment to quality.


In order of appearance, yet not necessarily a measure of concentration: iced tea (the sweetness), caperberries (the savoury) and French polish (the Penfolds).
Opulence is facilitated via heady barrel ferment characters and brazen Penfolds markers ... mocha and kirsch.

Aromas are focused, tapering to a precise point and include mentions of grated ginger, cola, green olive, caraway seeds and a richness that is reminiscent of Bordelaise sauce.


Classically Penfolds in character, yet altogether different in structure.
Fine, close-knit tannins awaken the palate and a menthol lift surprises. Varietally-correct flavours are framed

by typical oak offerings: cedar, sandalwood and roasted meats.
Alcohol is firmly anchored within the matrix, unobtrusive and in proportion.

Acidity is bright, offers plentiful energy and is undoubtedly responsible for the succulence and sustained finish.


Bright deep red.