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Ron Centenario 'Cafe' Coffee Rum Liqueur

Ron Centenario Café

Elaborated with 100% of Arábigo Coffee from Costa Rica. Its grains are selected from the best areas of the country such as Santa María de Dota and Naranjo where is produced the coffee extract and them ,when It is mixed with Centenario Añejo Especial 7, Centenario Café is born.

Product Characteristics

  • Product of Costa Rica.
  • Alcohol content: 26,5%
  • Type of elaboration: artisan aging in barrels of American white oak and mixed with coffee extract.
  • Rum gluten free.
  • Nose: pleasant natural aroma of coffee, rum and notes of Moka, provides the best balance between aroma and flavor, with an incomparable softness.
  • Color: deep coffee.
  • Tasting Notes: slightly soft and sweet with notes of Moka and vanilla, make the perfect blend between the best premium rum and the best coffee in the world.

    Serving Suggestion: It can be consumed as a digestive or with ice. It is also perfect for preparing cocktails with coffee, desserts, snacks and other recipes that contain coffee liqueur.