Santa Margherita Trevenezie Rose

Santa Margherita Rosé is a balanced union and synergy of white and red grape varieties Chardonnay is the principal white variety used, along with Sauvignon Blanc and other native, locally grown white varieties The wine takes its delicate pink hue from red Pinot Nero grapes. The different varieties are all vinified separately before assemblage as a rosé. After pressing, and before fermentation, the white grape varieties are cold macerated with their dregs and agitated for round one week to obtain the wine’s distinctive aromatic richness and overall complexity. Once fermentation has been completed, the wines are racked and cleared but left cloudy with lees in suspension. The Pinot Nero grapes are vinified as a red wine for around 5 days and spend the first 24 hours cold soaking with their skins. The wine is then racked and filtered before being blended with the two whites. To ensure the wine retains its colour, freshness and acidity, no malolactic fermentation takes place.