Bodega Otazu 'Senorio de Otazu' 2014

The Otazu vineyard is the only vineyard in the area, which makes it easier to carry out a non-aggressive phytosanitary control plan for the ecosystem (due to the low appearance of phytosanitary problems).

The property has an extension of 319 hectares in a single farm, forming a round preserve. Its richness and abundance of soils and its 110.12 hectares of own vineyards with grapes perfectly adapted to the particular terroir of the Señorío, lay the foundations for the production of wines with great character and personality.

Grapes: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Region: Navarra, Spain

Tasting Notes: Fresh expression with a predominance of black fruit and toasted and balsamic notes. A mineral base. On the palate it is pleasant and enveloping. Passing to a silky texture with memories of mature black fruits with a smooth sweetness. Long finish.

Food Match: Chorizo Burger with Bermuda Onions