Stags Leap Winery Merlot

Stags Leap Winery Merlot

A fashionable country resort in the mid-twentieth century, popular with Hollywood due to its 1892 stone Manor House and historic gardens, legends of bootleggers and gangsters, ghosts and gypsies, Stags' Leap has been home to three major family groups up through the modern revitalization of the winery that began in the 1970s.

Stags Leap Manor, as it was called in the 1920s, was known as one of the prominent country retreats in the Napa Valley at a time when resort and spa business was big. In addition to lodging and dining, amenities included lawn tennis, swimming, horseback riding, children's activities, golf, music, cards, a library, and Napa Valley wines and liquors (prior to and after Prohibition).

Nose:  Pleasurable and complex with cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, and plum. 

Palate: Generous, juicy fruit flavors, intriguing baking spice notes and polished structure.

Finish: Notes of caramel and cinnamon that persist through the long finish.